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M&M Benefit Solutions provides health care solutions to individuals and families. We help you navigate through the countless options to determine what health insurance is best for you while also considering important lifestyle and financial concerns.

Our team continues to advocate for our clients in both Washington D.C. and Sacramento, making sure unintended consequences for well intended plans are avoided. We serve nationally on the NAHU Medicare Advisory committee to have an active role in sharing things that can improve situations for our clients, including our current fight to make COBRA coverage credible. In addition, we also stay up to date on market availability, ensuring that we can share the best options and strategies with you.



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Hello, my name is Dawn McFarland and I am the Founder and President of M&M Benefit Solutions Insurance Services serving the greater Los Angeles area.  I began my career in the health and life insurance industry late in 2012 just prior to the implementation of the ACA.  I helped 400+ individuals through the complicated process of determining subsidies and selecting plans best for them and their families the first year of Covered CA.
I am happy to say that the career move into health insurance was one of the best decisions I have made to develop not only a career, but my own business that aligns with my core values and ethics where I have been able to truly help others.
As a member of the Los Angeles Chapter board of directors, I served as the Communications Chair in 2013-2014, Secretary 2015, ran for President Elect in 2016 and served as President for 2017-2018 earning  

the LAAHU Paladin Award, the NAHU Presidential Citation AND Platinum certification for the Los Angeles Chapter.  Since then I have migrated to the CA State Board (CAHU) as communications chair, re-established the CAHU Foundation, and now serve as the CAHU VP of Legislation.  I also serve on the NAHU Medicare Advisory Council which allows me to be an active voice that protects my clients.  In 2021 I had the incredible honor of being presented a 2021 NAHU Distiniguished Service Award, and in February 2022 was humbled by the NAHU Legislative Achievement award at our annual conference in Washington D.C.

I am a certified community educator for the Alzhiemer's Association, a topic near to my family and dear to my heart.  The Alzheimer's Association has a 24/7 help line you can call if you just need someone to help you understand how to navigate this devastating diagnosis.  

I continue to find that my passion lies in helping each person understand their options in regards to what their coverage is for the health insurance they pay for, and be able to make the best choices for their families.  We approach it as a math problem, then we find the solution.

Choosing to work with me as your health care Agent, along with my team at M&M Benefit Solutions, can assure you that someone is on your side!



"Thank you for all your help and guidance through this process. We really couldn’t have done it alone. I’m happy to finally be at this point, and know that everything’s taken care of."

- Robert C.

"A short note, but a big thank you for your patience and kind help in getting me enrolled in the new Rx plan. I wish you all the best."



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M&M Benefit Solutions 

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